Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gifts from the Garden - Herbal Oils and Vinegars

This is the first in a new series I am creating here on my blog. With Gifts from the Garden I will be sharing some of the many culinary and crafty projects I've made both from my garden and for my garden. This first post - Herbal Oils and Vinegars - is timed to inspire you to get those tender herbs picked before the first frost does them in, and then make something lovely that you can present as gifts during the holidays. And a very economical gift it is! All you need are a few ingredients and some empty bottles with corks. Many of the bottles I've used are simply the ones that the vinegar came in when I purchased it, the wine vinegar bottles being among the prettiest. I've also purchased the smaller size Perrier water because I really like the green color and the nice shape of the bottle. Or visit my fellow Etsy seller NewVisionDesigns for a beautiful selection of vintage bottles. Finally, for my simple recipes just click this link - Herbal Oils and Vinegars Recipes - to download a PDF file. Perhaps you have your own tips and techniques - your questions and/or comments are always welcomed and appreciated!


Bren said...

Great way to recycle!

Jennie said...

the link does not take me to a pdf, it takes me to Google Docs which i'm not a member of.