Thursday, October 24, 2013

Welcome to My New House.......I mean Home

I've been living in West Virginia for a whole year now and I'm finally beginning to call it "home". For the longest time when planning a trip back to Richmond I would say "I'm going 'home' for a visit."

Little Miss Yorkie is settling into her new home. Her ivy and boxwood topiaries are all neatly trimmed. Learning to garden in a cooler climate zone brings new challenges, but also many new possibilities.

Such as native these.

And these.

Or a peach orchard.

Apparently, even buffalo (ooops, I mean bison) like peaches.

But, choosing just the right "house" to call "home" proved to be quite difficult. Too many shapes and sizes!

So we settled on a ranch home that needed a serious makeover. This was our kitchen one year ago. That fridge now resides in our garage, and the wall behind was removed to make room for a large island.

Here is a tiny peak at what the kitchen remodel looks like now. It will be a few weeks before I'm ready to reveal the entire project, so be sure to follow my blog (see email form at right) if you'd like to receive notifications of new posts.


Ginny Gregory said...

Wow! Buffalo <3 Cool! Any clue what kind of farm raises buffalo? Is it just for fun, or... for something else...

I like the little grouping of african violets and ceramic pieces in the window of the kitchen too :) The little chicken is my favorite!

CynthiaCrane said...

I thought seeing Buffalo in a field by peach trees was and interesting juxtaposition - those fiercesome beasts among the lovely sweet peach blossums.