Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Blessings This Christmas and For the New Year

The scene outside my studio window this morning is a winter wonderland. Red cardinals stand out in sharp contrast against a sparkling white blanket of snow. The air is quite chill – in the low 30’s today with a wind chill in the low 20’s, but its warm and cozy inside our new home here in West Virginia. I hope this message today finds you all enjoying the comforts and joys of the season inside your own homes.

 Last Christmas Papa Crane and I were knee deep in a remodel of our home, so we made do with a make-shift kitchen in our laundry room. After looking at over 70 homes here, we finally just “settled” on one that “would do”, but it was in need of a serious make-over. I now have my “dream” kitchen (more on that in a future post) and can cook up a storm this Christmas, but our little laundry room kitchen will always serve as a reminder of the sacrifice we made to bring this dream into reality. 
We are still trying to get settled here, but are ever thankful that Papa Crane has been able to remain employed in a career that began in 1980, and has seen a steady decline over the past 32 years. When he graduated with a degree in printing from a small college in West Virginia, and we then married and moved to Richmond, VA, we had no plans of ever moving back here. But fate has a way of turning the tables on you, and so here we are. So when you open that lovely, glossy new magazine or sit curled up in a cozy chair with a cup of tea and your favorite book, know that you are supporting an industry that employs thousands upon thousands of workers all over the US, and no doubt all over the world.

A very Merry Christmas to all of you and I wish you Many Blessings this season and all throughout the coming year!

NOTE:  I'm currently reading "Stories From a Small Town - Remembering My Childhood in Hedgesville, West Virginia" by my new friend and local author  Roger Engle, and "A Fine Romance: Falling in Love with the English Countryside", by the immensely talented artist and writer Susan Branch.


CynthiaCrane said...

Me too, Jenny! Never enough time - my work, if I can even call it that, has me busier than ever. Thank you very much for your sweet comment!

jenny woolf said...

I've been slow keeping up with my blog visits. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas (I love that beautiful little cardinal in the top photo) and I always do my best to keep printers in business! All the best for 2014 to you!

Ginny Gregory said...

I teared up a little bit in reading this. You gotta start somewhere, right :)

Cackie Trippe McCarty said...

Lovely. Merry Christmas, Cindy!

CynthiaCrane said...

***hugs*** to you both, Ginny and Cackie!