Sunday, March 2, 2014

FREE Downloadable Desktop Calendar - March 2014 featuring Nesting Bluebird

To download the calendar just click the image above, and either save to your computer or as your desktop background for immediate use.

As some of you know, I had a computer melt down in late January so was not able to do a February desktop calender. I now have a bright shiney new Mac computer, but its been quite a learning curve coming from nearly 20 yrs on a Windows PC.  My PhotoShop program went along with the old PC, so I'm doing a trial with the Mac-based Pixelmator. 

My first project is my March 2014 Desktop Calendar, which features my Nesting Bluebird watercolor painting and an image of an old calendar page I've been keeping for years. Do any of you also keep your old calendars? I keep all of mine, most of which have gardening themes, because I just love all the gorgeous photography in them and, well, you never know when they might come in handy!

I also want to talk just a bit about how important it is to give our little bluebird friends a helping hand this time of year. Now is the time to install the special housing they require, or if you already have a bluebird house, to give it a good cleanout. 

Not exactly to bluebird house specs, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
Some of you many know that during much the 1990's I had a decorative birdhouse biz called "The Crane's Nest", which of course is the address of my blog! I've lived in 3 other locations since those days and although I no longer make birdhouses for sale, I always make a few of them for my new gardens. I made this snow covered church birdhouse last summer and its installed in a small perennial garden at my new home in West Virginia.

Here in the mid-Atlantic region we hope to begin seeing bluebirds soon as they search for suitable housing. Unfortunately, since this winter just doesn't seem to want to ever end (they are calling for snow YET AGAIN tonight in my area), I fear we may not see them for a few weeks yet.

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