Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'D RATHER BE GARDENING: About that 'Sweet Summer Love' .....

Clematis, that is. Back in May I did a short post about it here. I promised I would post an update on its performance, so here 'tis. 

'Sweet Summer Love' Clematis, new this year from Proven Winners

I paid a whopping $26 for it and I must say I'm a little disappointed. But then again, with a little more time I expect to see a much better show in the years to come. 

Close up of first year 'Sweet Summer Love' Clematis

My front yard is deep and this arbor is situated quite far from my front entry. I'd prefer something with more impact, and viewable from the street and my walkway so that I can enjoy it more while coming and going. I'm thinking maybe a climbing rose, but I don't want something that will swallow up my lovely arbor. Do you have a favorite climbing rose or other vine that you might suggest?

My cutting garden (click to enlarge)

Here is what that garden looks like now, in late July. Its a new garden and you can read more about it here. 

Zinnias and Bee Balm (click to enlarge)

The perennials I transplanted there are going great guns right now, as are the zinnias. Thanks to Mother Nature and her fabulous rains and unusually low temperatures this summer, gardening has been even more of a pleasure this year!

My cutting garden in Mid May 2014 (click to enlarge)

What a difference a few months can bring! This was my cutting garden in late May. You can see the new clematis quickly growing up the right side of the arbor. I need something that blooms with those tall Gladiator Allium - to hide their ugly foliage! I intend to divide and transplant some tall bearded iris there very soon. Now is the time of year to do that, you know. Hoping that will do the trick.

I think a vine on the arbor that blooms in early summer would be nice. You know, in early June after the spring flush of bloom is past.

Clematis 'Jackmani' (click to enlarge)

I really think I'll move the 'Sweet Summer Love' clematis to my back deck. Maybe it could make friends with this Jackmani. 

Purple Passion! (click to enlarge)

I kinda like purple, can you tell?

New beads! (click to enlarge)

Actually, I like all colors, especially if they are bright and cheerful like these new beads I'm now making for my Etsy shop!

New buttons and pendants, too! (click to enlarge)

I've recently began creating lots of new buttons, beads and pendants for you to include in your own creative projects!

Birdies, bees and butterflies galore! (click to enlarge)

I am having so much fun making these! 

I listen to audio books by British authors on while creating my pottery, which really seems to take me to the English cottage gardens of my dreams. Especially if the reader is British, too! Right now I'm listing to "Cranford" by Elizabeth Gaskell, one of my very favorite 19th century British authors.

Speaking of which, its time to get back into my studio. You know I really LOVE making my pottery, but sometimes, just sometimes, well, you know....


NOTE: You may have noticed I have made my blog wider and my photos are larger. Please let me know if you are having problems viewing my blog properly. I tried to choose a size to target most technology, but I'm not very technical so it will be interesting to see if my new size was a good idea or not!


My Garden Diaries said...

Your cutting garden is just fantastic! I love all of the colors and forms you have used! Breath taking indeed!!! And the blooms of your new clematis are so pretty! My autumn clematis has some type of disease so I am a little disappointed on my end as well. Happy gardening friend and a job well done! Nicole xo

jan said...

Your garden is gorgeous! Maybe the Clematis will improve with age. Don't give up on it yet! I ADORE I MEAN ADORE YOUR NEW BUTTONS AND PENDANTS! Sew pretty! xojan

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I 'love' your garden filled with colorful, happy blooms and your iron arched arbor is fantastic. I bet in time the clematis will do nicely there, it is after all, just newly planted.

I love the arbor by your back deck and your purple planters too.

Your buttons and other small creations are just wonderful!!! Your work makes me feel happy.

When I read about you creating to LibriVox, I looked them up and started listening to a book while I embroidered. I am hooked on this now. Thank you for sharing that tidbit.

Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady


Aww, thanks ladies. Rainey, I'm hooked on Librivox now too! Glad you're enjoying it!

Just Quilt It said...

What a beautiful cutting garden! I just stopped by to visit from Sew and Sow Farms. I love your page.

Donna Wilkes said...

Beautiful garden i have Sweet Autumn Clematis that allow to take over the yard from now until October when it rewards me with the lovely scent and drifts of white flowers. The old adage about clematis I have found to be true: first year it sleeps, the second year it creeps, and the third year it leaps.

Linda P said...

Cynthia, your garden is lovely. Be patient with the Clematis. I do love the look of your arbor. The cutting garden really pops with color. I can tell you love purple. My husband does too. We have passion vine on one arbor and
trumpet vines on two others. They do take over the arbor. Darling little buttons you created. Happy Friday.

Flower Freak said...

I have arbor envy! It's a wonderful piece of garden art! Your jack (I forget already!) clematis is to die for and your cutting garden is lovely. You've done a great job on your yard. Now, to sit and have a cold drink while admiring your work!

Sweet P said...

Oh wow! First time visitor to your blog, but not my last! Gorgeous garden! And your deck! Fantastic! Love the purple!

No Place Like HEIMA said...

I found your blog from pinterest and have fallen inlove with all the pictures of gardens and flowers that you post.
I am growing a wall of morning glories outside of my daughters balcony and find a lot of inspiration from your page :) I will post up some before and after images as soon as the start growing..

Are you interested in exchanging links with my blog?

homesoup said...

Hi Cynthia, your garden is beautiful. Love the elegant iron arbor and the delicate clematis. I'm sure it will thrive there. Your cutting garden underwent an amazing transformation in just those few months. Isn't it lovely when all your hard work is rewarded by lots of beautiful flowers?

C from 4homesoup :-)

Mary Ann Potter said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! The Jackmani is my favorite clematis. Wonderful garden and artistic delights here, Cynthia!

Jeri Landers said...

Hi Cynthia, Glad I found you again! Love all those zinnias, the most trusty annual on the planet. I have an incredible clematis that grows wild in my meadow and just covers our ugly wire goat fence: it has a tiny white bloom and is called "Travelers Joy" or "Virgins Bower" Gosh, I have it by the thousands and would give you some, if I had a way to deliver it! Librivox is a Godsend for me, I have listened for years and even considered being a reader if I had the time. I love those buttons and as an artist I almost hate to ask, but would you do, say, 6 of the same design? I am sewing some blouses and your little buttons would be perfect! Jeri