Saturday, April 18, 2015

More Homespun Goodness: A Follow-up To My Last Post

I started my day today by capturing this shot for an Instagram post.
I have a confession to make, my dear blogging friends. I've been neglecting my blog in favor of a new LOVE, and that love is INSTAGRAM. So between that AND my art biz AND my other big LOVE, gardening, I've had little time for my blog. 

However, as I write, my kiln is cooling with a new load of pottery goodness so while I wait I thought I'd share a little of that Homespun Goodness I promised in my last post. (Yeah, I know it was a MONTH ago!)

So here's a little Mirror Makeover for you. I'm really happy with the ingenious way I transformed this rather plain and inexpensive mirror, so read on and I'll tell you how I did it.

A plain mirror gets some pizzaz!
My ceilings are only 8 ft high. I say "only" because my last 2 homes had 9++ ft ceilings and I loved them. I'm used to the smaller height now, but I knew there were a couple of tricks I could do to visually raise them. One was to find a mirror tall enough to rest on my sideboard and still fit nicely below the crown molding. 

Simple materials were all I needed to transform my plain inexpensive mirror.
I found one all right but it was sorely lacking in the decorative detail that I love. My solution - grab a roll of wallpaper border, trim it a little, slap on some wallpaper paste (which I had on hand for my dollhouse papering) and apply it to the mirror's frame. However, this did not go so well. Read on....

What did we ever do before Mod Podge?!!!
With the dry indoor heat of winter the border started popping right off the mirror frame. Luckily it came off intact. That's when I decided to prime the mirror frame and use Mod Podge to re-apply the border.

Cut those corners neatly!
Here's a little corner trick. To get them to meet up perfectly just overlap the strips then cut with an angle rule and a nice sharp blade.

Tada! Love how my new mirror turned out!
I spent the better part of February on decorating the Dining Room in my new home, although I'm not ready to share all the details just yet. But here's a sneak peak for you! Its a little fussy for me and not enough homespun goodness. I'm still working on it! 

**Soon I'll share how I managed to get that gorgeous faux wood look on the top of my sideboard WITHOUT stripping the previously painted finish!

Ok, time to check the kiln! 

Have you picked out your Mother's Day Gifts Yet?
Awww, yes! The kiln god was once again very good to me! Listing tomorrow (Sunday, April 19) at 2:00 pm ET in my Etsy Shop and more pottery goodness next Sunday, too!

Thanks so much for visiting! I'll try not to be away for so long next time, but you can always follow me on INSTAGRAM if you want to see more of Cynthia Crane's Art and Gardening Goodness!


Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

Oh, my goodness! Such lovely pieces! And the mirror redo is awesome, Cynthia. Holy smokes! I wish I could be in your shop at 2pm, but we have to run an errand after church. Dern! I want to give my hubby some hints for Mother's Day. I'm hoping he'll help me expand my CCP collection. ;) Don't sell it all too fast!

Happy Saturday, my dear! You've been extremely productive!

Kim said...

Your mirror transformation is amazing. It looks wonderful sitting there on your mantelpiece. Oh my isn't your kiln god clever......gorgeous pottery, they are all so whimsical!

MaryAann Potter said...

I love the mirror re-do! Have a happy art day!

Starr White said...

Very clever to use wallpaper border - it looks great! and your dining room and sideboard (from what I can see) are very elegant - not too fussy :)

~ Dixie said...

I love your pottery!
Beautiful mirror transformation, too.

Carol Roll said...

Great transformation on the mirror! and always love to see your beautiful pottery!

Donna Heber said...

Your mirror is delightful Cynthia! It turned out fantastic.

Vicki Boster said...

Cynthia-- your mirror redo is just gorgeous-- I'd love to have that kind of talent. It looks just beautiful the way you have it displayed:)

The photo of your latest creations is just beautiful-- such wonderful treasures. I think your ability to create beautiful pottery is endless--


Thistle Cove Farm said...

The vase with hands, on sideboard, is wonderful! That's so amusing...! Nice job with the mirror, clever as well.


My thanks to each of you for your lovely comments (and complements!)

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Beeeeuuuutiful!!! :-) Love it!!
xx Linnie

Anonymous said...

I believe you are almost in heaven! I just love your state. I passed through while driving home to Wisconsin. I used to live in VA.

I rather be gardening too! New house, new plans!

Big hugs,